Amanda’s Tale(A work of Erotic Fiction)

Amanda awoke early. Not that she had slept much, she had been restless since her breakup with Devan a few months ago. But she wouldn’t think about that today. Today she would enjoy the crisp country air, the feel of a horse between her thighs and just give herself a true time out. Living in the city didn’t allow her such freedom and that is exactly what she needed. Breaking herself away from her thoughts she grabbed her clothes and headed for the shower.

Amanda stood lavishing in the hot water. As she ran her soaped hands over her body her clitoris pulsed to life, nipples hardening she stopped and gave them a little pinch. She hadn’t been with anyone since Devan and her need was growing by the day. With her left hand still massaging her nipple she let her mind wonder to the last time they had made love. She could almost smell his cologne and feel his hands. Her right hand finding its way to her hot moist mound she could feel her hardened clit, a small moan escapes her lips as she begins to work the small circles, gently she worked as her heat continued to mount. Her breathing became more labored as she moved from nipple to nipple, her hand getting harder and faster on her clit. The hot water from the shower flowing on her skin just adds to the sensation. Rolling and pulling on her clit she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Her fingers plunge deep into her tight hot pussy. Riding her hand she wishes she had brought her favorite toy with her. She brings her other hand down to her clit she needs to cum. It has been far to long. Riding herself and getting rougher and faster with her clit Amanda at last throws her head back in the throws of orgasmic bliss.

Still shaky fromĀ  her release Amanda finishes her shower, gets dressed and readies herself for the ride ahead.

Jesse had only been with the Circle M for a little over a month. He enjoyed the change of scenery from the reservation and still got to do what he loved. Jesse had been training horses since he was a small child. After his parent’s accident his uncle thought it would help him to readjust and bring him back out of his shell. Now at twenty-six he still found his comfort working with the horses. With his six foot four frame he had always seems somewhat awkward around people. He had found that he found his escape on the back of a stallion.

Hey uncle Bill something smells amazing, Amanda said as she made her way into the kitchen. Pouring herself a cup of coffee she glanced over at the stove where her uncle had made gravy and biscuits, sausage, fried apples and was just finishing up the eggs. Wow, do you always eat like this or is this just because I am so special she mused as she kissed her uncle on the cheek. Actually, Little lady I ask my new hand Jesse to stop in this morning so I could get him to show you around the ranch while I go into town. I thought a good breakfast would soften the blow, Uncle Bill laughed messing up her hair as he walked by. Haha, so not funny. The doorbell rang bringing them out of their playful exchange. Bill went to answer the door as Amanda began to set the table.

Amanda could hear the two men laughing as they walked down the hall toward the kitchen. Amanda dropped the spoons when she caught sight of Jesse. She had never seen a more beautiful man in all her life. Tall, dark skinned and dark eyes. His black hair tied at the nap of his neck. Busying herself with setting the table Amanda dropped her head to hide the red in her cheeks. Wow, Amanda that was smooth she scolded herself inwardly. Uncle Bill could hardly contain his laughter at his nieces reaction as he made the introductions, Jesse, I’d like you to meet my niece Amanda. Jesse tipped his hat to Amanda, Ma’am, holding her gaze for a bit longer than she was comfortable with as she could feel the heat that had suddenly appeared at her junction.

Amanda barely kept up with the conversation as her uncle and Jesse discussed the mornings activities. She couldn’t help notice how Jesse’ muscles rippled when he moved to drink his coffee. Quickly focusing on her plate as she caught herself staring at his chest in his white tee, hoping no one else had noticed. Does that work for you Amanda? Excuse me? Amanda had no idea what her uncle was asking. For Jesse to take you around the ridge when he finishes up his morning session with Xavier? I don’t want you out on your own until you know your way around a bit. Amanda hadn’t been to her uncles Ranch since she was small. Sure Uncle Bill, that’s fine I have to answer some emails this morning anyway. That settles it then. They finished their breakfast Jesse and Uncle Bill headed for the stable as Amanda cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher.

Trying to get the image of Jesse’ perfectly cut body out of her mind Amanda opened her computer and connected to the WiFi. After thirty minutes of replying to emails Amanda decided to take a look around the ranch. Her breath caught as she saw Jesse with the big Black walking horse. She had never seen anyone handle a horse with such ease. His wife beater wet with sweat, his muscles moving with perfection she was totally fascinated with the way the horse seem to want to follow his every command. She found herself wondering if he could make her want to do the same. What are you doing Amanda? She chilled herself. My God you’d think you had never seen a man before. She forced herself on to the stables to try to regain control of herself.

Jesse couldn’t concentrate on what he was doing as thoughts of the beautiful redhead he had met at breakfast kept invading his mind. Had he really caught her staring at him as he talked to her uncle or was it his imagination. He remembered how her beautiful full lips had caressed the cup as she drank her coffee. He couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel around his hard cock, where those lovely breast as soft as they looked? He didn’t know how he would manage riding this entire ranch with her without blue-balls. Oh well, Bill had been kind enough to give him this job and if he wanted him to show his niece around he might as well suck it up. He headed toward the stable leaving Xavier to rest.

Amanda walked down the stable hall to the room where her uncle kept the saddles. She couldn’t shake the images of the tall Native American prince expertly handling the stallion. She allowed herself to imagine what it would feel like to have his hands on her body, to have him lead her in how to please him. She ran her hands over the leather saddle feeling the softness beneath her fingers. Throwing her leg over she straddled the saddle allowing it to take her wait. Her mind still on Jesse she couldn’t help but move her hips. The feel of the saddle rubbing her clit trough her jeans almost made her explode.

Jesse hadn’t noticed anyone come into the stable and was surprised when he heard noise coming from the tack room. He stopped at the door when he caught sight of the long red haired beauty sitting on the saddle in the middle of the room. Apparently she hadn’t heard him either. What was she doing? He watched as Amanda rocked back and forth on the saddle. His cock throbbed as he saw her hand move to her left nipple. He knew he should let her know he was there but he just couldn’t not yet.

Amanda couldn’t seem to control herself this morning, the play in the shower had been just enough to make her even more horny than before, then that man, that beautiful man. Damn… She need to be rode hard and put up wet.

Jesse cleared his throat, Amanda jumped trying to compose herself. Jesse didn’t know where his sudden boldness was coming from. Amanda’s face redden as she wondered how much he had seen. Jesse crossed the room making short work of the space between them. Is there something I can help you with ma’am? Jesse’ smile widened. Actually, Amanda started as Jesse’ hand went to her hair, pulling her head back so he could gain access to her full lips he kissed her hard, Her arms flying around his neck she kissed back just as passionately. I was really enjoying the show but I’m a hands on kind of guy, he breathed into her mouth. His hand finding its way up her shirt, he massaged he firm breast and pinched her nipple as she arched her back trying to meld into his hand. Amanda could hardly breath as Jesse pulled back from her. Pulling his tee shirt off throwing it to the ground. He took a step closer to her and caught the hem of her blouse and pulled it from her body. Not bothering to remove her bra he ran his hand inside bringing her beautiful tit out , taking it in his mouth rolling her nipple with his tongue. Amanda’s clit was throbbing, Jesse pulled her body close to his, she could feel the erection against her. Amazed at how Jesse’ body encompassed her. At five eleven that was a rare thing. Jesse unbuttoned her jeans, and easily slid them from her body, all the while his mouth worked magic against her flesh. Thankful she had gone with the sexy thongs this morning Amanda allowed herself to follow his lead. A moan escaped her lips as Jesse lifted her onto the blanket rack. With barely enough room for her ass to sit on she noticed that he had quickly gotten his arms under her. His movements so swift and graceful she barely noticed until she was already there. Jesse kissed her lips then moved his way around her face to her neck nibbling her juggler sending chills through her body. He continued down her body until the full wait of her was on his shoulders. With one last smile up at her Jesse buried his face in her screaming mound of lust. Parting her lips with his tongue he pulled her clit into his mouth causing her to gasp, her hands in his hair. Jesse continued to lick and suck gently then harder, OMG…. where did he learn that? Amanda ground herself into his face as Jesse continued to feast on her pussy as if he hadn’t eaten in years. Amanda screamed as the amazing orgasm exploded, her muscles spasm her juices flowing, her legs shaking still his mouth never stoppedĀ  licking and sucking licking and sucking. Finally when she thought she could stand no more Jesse stood and placed her back on her feet. Turning her way from him she could feel his massive erection against her firm round ass. Amanda felt a twinge of apprehension at the shear size of him. Yes, he was very well proportioned. Jesse kissed her neck and shoulders as he placed his rock hard cock between her thighs. Sliding just his head inside of her had Amanda holding her breath Jesse pulled Amanda’s head around by her hair and took her mouth in his own allowing her to taste herself as he plunged deep inside of her. Amanda moaned at the feel of him. Letting her go Jesse gently began to slid in and out of her tight hot tunnel, He had never felt a woman so tight and hot before. The smell of her engulfed him only sending him higher and higher. Amanda matched his stride as he increased the speed and force of his thrust. Amanda resting her arms against the blankets as she rocked to meet his body. Amanda reached back taking Jesse’ hand putting it back in her hair. Jesse pulled with just enough pressure to make her lose all control Amanda bucked as she began yet another orgasm. Jesse feeling her hot juices flow on his throbbing dick fucked her harder and harder, Amanda matching every thrust. Still holding her hair Jesse pounding in and out of her he could stand it no longer. Pulling himself form her hot folds exploded, his seed covering her ass as they both collapsed against the blankets. Now that was a ride Amanda smiled up at Jesse causing them both to explode into laughter.